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Innovation & Career Exploration

One of the most noteworthy aspects of Laurel Elementary Magnet school are the community partnerships that are built in every classroom and every grade. Unlike common partnerships practiced in districts across the country where community members are asked to provide support through monetary donations, this partnership is unique in that it centers on “intellectual capital” and classroom partners directly impact and inform instruction.
As part of the Career Exploration program, each classroom (TK-6th grade) is partnered with a local business so that students can learn and explore careers and engage in hands-on problem solving with the partner. Partners come from a variety of industries and include the local fire department, police department, local eateries, veterinarian offices, hotels, trash and waste companies, medical professionals, air conditioning, and technology leaders.
Partners work collaboratively over the course of the year to coach and inspire students to learn new technology skills that apply to the industry as well as explore the various ways to apply their in school learning in the real world environment. After many brainstorming sessions, field trips and classroom visits, students are given the opportunity to showcase their work to their community partners during an annual Career Exploration Showcase.
But, Career Exploration does not stop here. As a school of innovation, Laurel has also forged a school-wide Career Exploration & Innovation partner with the Discovery Cube Science Center of Orange County. This school-wide partnership provides staff, students and their families unique hands-on opportunities through engaging, innovative science-based programs.